The Raven’s Tale

The Raven’s Tale is the second award winning film-short by the Coventry (England) based shyster.shadows. It was devised by the company together with the film’s Director Kathy Joyce and produced by Sue Walker as part of the shysters’ 10th Anniversary celebrations in 2007. Passing a bridal shop on the way to rehearsals a company member with Down’s Syndrome pointed to a bridal gown in the window and said to Kathy Joyce “that will never happen to me” That statement was the catalyst for The Raven’s Tale which went on to win the Oska Bright Award for “Best Acting” 2007 and took an Honorary Mention in the “Performance Category” of the Picture this…film festival Calgary, Canada 2009. With My Bloody Valentine The Raven’s Tale has toured extensively as part of Oska Bright and Picture this…roadshows and this year it is part of the Picture this… 2011 celebration archive.

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