Canada and Mexico to work on a trade deal

The leaders of Canada and Mexico have vowed to work on a trade deal that benefits both countries as well as the US.
They met in Mexico City.

But the future of the three-country NAFTA agreement is still unclear.

Al Jazeera’s John Holman reports from Mexico City.

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  1. I have a vision for Mexico. Mexico needs more natural resources and needs more man power to fend off us aggression.

  2. Paraphrasing from the American Ross Perot and listen for “a giant sucking sound going south”. Say good bye to your livable wage jobs Canada.

  3. I think that canadian people and their government are one, they work together, in Mexico we have a lot of issues trying so hard to be succesful despite our government.

  4. Canada can get a deal if numb nuts can keep his left wing political agenda out of the negotiations and stop trying to influence American policy.

  5. Mexico is growing a lot. That worries the Trump idiot. That is not being an ally .. We will never help the United States. Better return the lands that were stolen and we built a 400 meter high wall

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