Viaje a Calgary!

June 12, 2018


I did a video about Banff but today It’s the turn to Calgary to have his own video! I went to Calgary a month ago and the place is just A-MA-ZING! I’m planning to travel more often for you guys so don’t forget to subscribe! 😀
La derniere fois Banff a eu le droit pour un video et aujourd’hui c’est le tour a Calgary! Je suis alle il y a un mois a peu pres et lendroit est MAG-NI-FI-QUE! Je plannifie plusieurs voyages pour vous guys alors n’oubliez pas de s’abonner! 😀
Hace dos semanas subi un video de Banff, bueno hoy le toca a Calgary! Estuve por alla hace un mes y tengo que admitir que el lugar es EN-CAN-TA-DOR! Estoy planeando viajar mas seguido para que puedan tener mas de estos videos! Asi que no olviden suscribirse! 😀

Music: By Roy K.

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6 thoughts on “Viaje a Calgary!

  1. Patrick Balyan says:

    nice play on video and sound beat

    1. Caramellia says:

      +Baghdig Balyan Thank youu Baghdig!! 😀

  2. Street Pulse says:

    Great video!

    Would love to go there someday!

    1. Caramellia says:

      +Sam Anvers I hope you could!! 😀 it’s really beautiful there!! & Thank youu!! ^^

  3. Bruno and jesus says:

    calgary looks beautiful!

    1. Caramellia says:

      +Bruno and jesus It really is!!

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