Canadians… They’re Just Like You & Me!

April 24, 2018

I traveled to Calgary in 2004 for a week-long company conference. I learned a lot about domestic Canadian beer, Canadian currency, a bit about Canadian politics, the Calgary Stampede, and Canada’s legalized head shops. I love Canada! Good times!

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4 thoughts on “Canadians… They’re Just Like You & Me!

  1. Lyall Fvrphy says:

    I’m surprised they didn’t get angry when you asked them to say ‘about’.

    I know Kiwis get annoyed when Aussies ask them to say ‘fish and chips’ or the number ‘six’.

  2. Scruff_E_Guy says:

    I want to be an office enforcer…

  3. Bill Newsinger says:

    Very informative. Loved the Queen impersonations.

  4. loonachic says:

    “Queen Elizabeth. You really can’t miss her, she’s on fu**ing everything”

    ha ha ha!

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